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Berkeley Childminding




As an Ofsted registered childminder I follow the government's Early Years Foundation Stage guidance. Based on child initiated play, this ensures children are exposed to a wide range of fun activities and experiences! The EYFS focusses on the following areas:-

Personal, Social & Emotional Development


Self-confidence is so important for children and children in my care are constantly given praise and encouragement. Plenty of opportunities are provided for social interaction through toddler groups, social mealtimes and encouraging children to play nicely together.

Communication and Language


Children are always given opportunities to talk and encouraged to listen to others. Books are always available for the children and we have a daily story time. We attend rhyme time sessions to help children develop their language with singing.



Children play with numbers and shapes in many ways ranging from using puzzles and shape sorters through to counting the number of fish at the aquarium! Activities such as messy play or simply playing with lego also encourage children to explore shape, size and patterns.  

Understanding the World


We are often out and about and visit many different places. Our activities range from looking at plants and bugs to playing with saucepans and brooms in the home corner. Children have fun investigating  many world festivals through painting, dressing up and eating different foods.

Physical Development


A healthy lifestyle is promoted  through provision of healthy food, plenty of excercise and fresh air. As well as daily play in the garden we regularly visit the local parks and soft play areas to run, climb, slide and swing.

Expressive Arts and Design


Art, music, dance, role-play and many more activities are provided. We regularly paint, glue, cut out and stick and often sing and  dance to music or experiment with musical instruments. Children are encouraged to be adventurous and we are always trying out new ways to be creative!




We look at books together daily, telling and listening to stories. I often take the children to  the library to chose their own stories.


Children are provided with paints, pens, chalks and anything else we can find to draw with to help develop handwriting skills in the future.

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